YGlobal Business suite

“Our tool to automate your business processes”

Geographical distance is of no importance any longer when considering efficiency. Internet, cloud and enterprise mobility are concepts of today’s business life. From its conception the YGlobal Business Suite ERP software has been written exactly with these concepts in mind.
The criteria considered for the development of YGlobal were:
  • multiplatform;
  • multi-database;
  • connecting easily with any kind of new technology

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Who is MMS Solutions?

“the partner for your company in taking the next step”

A small team, in which 30 years of experience comes together in our own ERP software for business process automation. From the start we understood that the future of ERP would be web-based.

The extensive experience in automation projects lead to our own approach. Together with our customers and while using our software as a tool we tackle the company’s business challenges.

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